ADA and Your Website: Ensuring Compliance (2 Hours Education Course Number 21010932)

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There is a 99% chance that your website is in noncompliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. That could cost you a lot of money if you get sued or fined by the Federal Government.

If you're like most people you're wondering how a website can be in compliance - or not be in compliance - with the ADA. After all, it's not like a website needs a wheelchair ramp or ADA door handles, right? The truth is there are many more disabilities other than those we typically think of when it comes to the ADA, and quite a few of them affect the way people browse the internet. This class identifies how the ADA relates to your business websites and discusses how you may be susceptible to lawsuits and Federal fines due to noncompliance. It also helps you identify problems with your website and starts you on the path to the remediation of those problems.

In this class you will learn:

  • The details of the American with Disabilities Act
  • What businesses are affected by the ADA
  • What disabilities may affect website use
  • Legal background of the ADA and websites
  • The W3 Website Content Accessibility Guidelines
  • How to check website elements and code for noncompliance
  • The Web Accessibility Checklist
  • Third party resources for website compliance verification and remediation


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Clint Lanier

Dr. Clinton R. Lanier is a social media expert and scholar and Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Professional Communication at New Mexico State University. He earned both his B.A. and M.A. in English from New Mexico State University. Following graduation he went to work for IBM as an Information Developer and then the U.S. Army Research Laboratory as a Technical Editor. He came back to NMSU a third time to earn his Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Professional Communication, which he completed in 2006. He was then an Assistant Professor of Professional Communication at the University of Memphis and later an Assistant Professor of Technical Communication at New Mexico Tech.

At New Mexico Tech he also served as the university’s Director of Web Communication, building their content management system and overseeing the efforts of almost 100 content contributors. He was further charged with their digital marketing efforts and created and implemented social media and digital marketing campaigns.

Research and Teaching Interests:

Dr. Lanier’s research and teaching focus on digital technologies, including web design and development, interface usability, and social and digital media. He has also published research relating to international technical communication and technical editing.

Outside of the university, Dr. Lanier consults for many private corporations and organizations who need help creating a digital presence for their brand and products. He also conducts coaching groups for real estate professionals to help them improve their sales and leads through social media.

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