Clinton R. Lanier, PhD, Professor of Professional Communication

Hi there, I’m Dr. Clint Lanier, founder of New Mexico Real Estate Training Online, an online school that provides training and education to licensed New Mexico Real Estate professionals.

This school was started after years of teaching continuing education to New Mexico REALTORS®. One day it suddenly occurred to me that the system of face-to-face training we’ve been relying on in New Mexico was very unfair. Most instructors like me were only teaching in two places – Las Cruces and Albuquerque – so if you didn’t live in one of those cities, you were out of luck. A REALTOR® living in Farmington or Clovis would never have the chance to take my course unless they were willing to give up 2 or 3 days of their time to travel to it, and then they’d be out the money for travel and hotel. Not to mention the endless showings, closing and inspections they’d miss in the process. That’s just not fair!

But even when REALTORS® did take my course, they had to give up 8 full hours in a classroom. REALTOR® are always working – days, nights, weekends and holidays. They never know when they might get an offer, meet for an inspection, talk to their clients, or have a discussion with a closing company. Asking them to devote 8 hours of their precious time to sit in a closed room listening to me lecture is a big ask, and it might cost them money.

Online classes solve both of these problems. It allows REALTORS® all over the state to take courses offered only in New Mexico's largest cities, and it also allows every one of them to take it at their convenience.

But what makes this school different?

There are three things that make New Mexico Real Estate Training Online different from the rest. The first is experience. As a College Professor, I’ve been teaching online courses for universities since 2000. I’ve seen distant and online education evolve from correspondence courses to truly distant learning. I designed this school, and all courses in it, with the Distant Education lessons and guidelines I’ve learned over the past two decades.

Another thing that makes this school different is its convenience. That course that used to make you sit in a classroom for hours can now be taken over a period of days, and taken according to your schedule, NOT mine! Each course is composed of video lectures that combine a video of your instructor with a PowerPoint presentation and course handouts, not just a paper to read. If that’s not enough we’ve made the entire site completely mobile friendly, so you can watch or listen to the lectures on any mobile device, anywhere there’s digital service.

A final, and perhaps the most important thing that makes us different, is our support. We don't just give you the course materials and leave you to learn on your own. The name and email of the instructor for each class is prominent in every lesson in case you have questions. We also give you the presentation slides to download and take notes on. We’ve even included an online forum for every single course that allows you to have conversations with the community of REALTORS® taking these classes.

The bottom line is we’ve put you and your learning at the heart of this school.

I hope you decide to put your trust into New Mexico Real Estate Training Online, I think you’ll love what you learn!