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Hello, we understand how much this current pandemic has affected everyone, especially REALTORS. Right now, getting your education is next to impossible. Well, until this thing ends we are going to try to help. Right now, you can get all 13 hours of our CEU's for a single price of $69.99. PLUS we are giving you up to a year to take the course. Simply register here for the Social Media for Sale Success course, and you will have free access to the other three.


We're a fully online continuing education school for REALTORS® in New Mexico and beyond. We are fully approved by the New Mexico Real Estate Commission and specialize in online Real Estate continuing education courses. We offer courses that are different from the boring old standards that other schools offer - our training is current, relevant, and truly helpful for the Real Estate Professional.

Our goal is to provide online, distance education that fits the schedules of busy REALTORS®. You can watch each video lecture when and where it's most convenient for you on any device, from desktop computers to your smart phone.

Each video lecture is followed by a quiz that lets you test your knowledge before moving on to the next lesson in the course, or to the final exam. Once each lesson is completed and the final exam finished successfully, you will have your certificate sent right to your email.

Don't delay, get started with your Continuing Education today! Click on one of the available courses below to find out more or to sign up now!

Available CEU Courses

  • The Code of Ethics and Digital Communications (2 Hours Ethics Course Number 20120222)

    The NAR Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice provides guidelines for how REALTORS® should communicate and conduct themselves online as well as off. With changing technologies it is sometimes difficult to understand how the Code of Ethics pertains to new methods of communication and marketing, like social media platforms and even text messaging. This course will look specifically at how the Code of Ethics expects REALTORS® to navigate the digital world while avoiding running afoul of the Code of Ethics, and will teach students the specific things to consider and watch out for in when it comes to the...

  • Email Marketing and the Law (1 Hour Training Course Number 21010952)

    Many business professionals send email advertisements, solicitations and offers without realizing they are in fact breaking the law, specifically the 2003 CAN-SPAM Act. This course helps students understand how to ensure they are compliant with the relevant laws and regulations governing email communication. In this course you will learn: History and explanation of the 2003 CAN-SPAM act The law and email marketing How to ensure your email campaigns don’t break the law How to make sure your email list is lega How to ensure compliance with most 3rd party email services (and Facebook)

  • Social Media for Sales Success (8 Hours Training Course Number 21030292)

    For a limited time, sign up for Social Media for Sales Success and get ALL four courses. Pluse you will have access for a year, so you can take them when you want, where it's most convenient for you (and away from crowds of people, so you stay safe). This course helps REALTORS® and Real Estate Professionals get more listings and sell more properties by harnessing the power of Social Media. And not only can New Mexico REALTORS® learn how to use Social Media more effectively, they can earn 8 hours of CEU's at the same time! You'll have 1 year to...

  • ADA and Your Website: Ensuring Compliance (2 Hours Education Course Number 21010932)

    There is a 99% chance that your website is in noncompliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. That could cost you a lot of money if you get sued or fined by the Federal Government. If you're like most people you're wondering how a website can be in compliance - or not be in compliance - with the ADA. After all, it's not like a website needs a wheelchair ramp or ADA door handles, right? The truth is there are many more disabilities other than those we typically think of when it comes to the ADA, and quite a few of...